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Pest Control Service in Kathmandu

Customers satisfaction is our major motive

Our fully trained and experienced cleaning professionals are here for you to provide the best Cleaning Service in Kathmandu, Nepal. We provide Eco friendly cleaning services to keep your home, office, or workspace clean and beautiful so that you can focus on things that matter the most. Life is too short to clean your home and offices on your own. You
can work on your dreams and passion to experience the best of your life.


We, Pest control service, have been giving cleaning related services along with housemaid services and disinfectant or pest control services in Kathmandu. We believe customer satisfaction is our happiness. Our staffs are well trained and professional when it comes about providing services.  

Our goal

Our goal here at Pest Control Service is to provide the best eco-friendly cleaning and pest or disinfectant solutions at affordable rates. Our staffs are highly trained, honest, and reliable, ensuring that you are dealing with
one of the best cleaning services in Kathmandu.

What we provide?

1. Housemaid Service in Kathmandu
2. Carpet Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
3. Sofa Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
4. Marble Polishing Service in Kathmandu
5. Painting Service in Kathmandu
6. Parquet Polishing Service in Kathmandu
7. Car Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
8. Chair Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
9. Glass Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
10. Rug Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
11. Granite Polishing Service in Kathmandu
12. Tile Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
13. Rope Access Training in Kathmandu
14. Pest Control Service in Kathmandu
15. Kitchen Chimney Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
16. Water Tank Cleaning Service in Kathmandu
17. Disinfectant Service in Kathmandu
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