Pest control service in Kathmandu
Pest control service in Kathmandu

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We are well established Pest Control and Cleaning Service provider in Kathmandu valley. We provide best and quality cleaning services.

Attention to Details

It's our thoughtfulness regarding the little stuff, planning of courses of events and sharp undertaking the executives that makes us stand apart from the rest.

Experts Only

Initial feelings is included experts with corporate and office experience that hail from different foundations. All things considered, First Impressions won't ever allot second-level support staff to any record.

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Our costs are cutthroat and fair. There are nothing unexpected bills. Any surprising or extra costs should be pre-supported by you. That is the manner by which we might want to be dealt with, and that is the way our clients are dealt with.

Meeting Deadlines

We have worked with many offices and residencies for many years and we have never missed a deadline.

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